Age : 30

Resides : Grand Blanc, Michigan

Rank : 1st Degree Black Belt

Style : Tae Bong Soo Do

Events : Musical weapons, Musical forms, Creative forms, Creative weapons, Extreme forms, Extreme weapons, Point Sparring

As a youth, Alphonzo Bowe began karate like most, inspired by “Power Rangers” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in 1993.  Shortly after, the next year he was entered into his first open karate tournament in Holland, Michigan, where he won 2 first place 5 ft tall trophies. From there he became hooked to competing winning a total of over 200 trophies, plaques and awards throughout the mid to late 90’s.  He is also a former state champion in Michigan in forms and sparring. Since growing up, getting married and fathering two children, he has been in and out of training and competing for the past decade. As of this year, he has came back strong making a splash at local and regional tournaments, winning several grand championships, and earning the right to represent his country on the US national team, which is set to compete in Taranto, Italy in October of 2013.  Going forward he is looking to continue to train hard, and gain experience and exposure on the national and international stage.  Also, he is in preparing to test this fall for his second degree black belt in Tae Bong Soo Do.