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Alexa Dakota Fleshman age 15, started karate in 2010 but hated sparring till she took her 3rd degree blackbelt test last year (2015) beat up her best friend and loved She only been sparring for a little over a year. Alexa attends Super Kicks in Lynchburg, Virginia and is on their demo team. For the past year Alexa has trained with Sean Elliott and Gina Thornton in Roanoke, Virginia! She gave up being a level 10 power tumbler for fighting. But still loves gymnastics and coaches 2 days a week. (And she is smart as crap ..all advanced classes and was in a school for gifted kids for 3 years). Alexa won her 1st World Title in sparring at the 2016 NBL Super Grands in North Carolina. She is a proud member of Team Revolution. The skies the limit for this talented competitor.