Age : 16

Resides :

Rank : Blackbelt

Style :

Events :

Kairos Norman is 15 years old and one of the newest member of Team Revolution.  Like so many martial artists like him, Kairos was inspired by “Power Rangers” to master karate.  Early in life, Kai suffered debilitating neurological challenges and perceptional disorientations that kept him from resuming sports until age 12.  But slow and steady, more like a persevering tortoise than a ninja warrior, Kairos pursued his Black Belt and became a beast of an athlete in Wrestling, Diving, Track & Field, Football, and Point Sparring!  Kairos is an accomplished athlete and fierce competitor who faces no stronger opponent than himself.  So far, Kai has competed lightly on the local circuit for Pro Martial Arts Karate but his martial arts accomplishments are before him.  Patiently learning and watching his rivals with the eye of a tiger, Kai is eager to fight.  Team Revolution is pleased to introduce Kairos to the World in 2017.


No great thing is created suddenly. - Epictetus


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