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Kobe Agostini is a 13 year old brown belt, born and raised in Hamilton Ontario Canada. In September 2011, when Kobe was 8 years old, he began his Martial Arts training at United Family Martial Arts; Hamilton Mountain Location. From then until present, he has been instructed by Sensei Joe DaCunha, who has trained him to be the competitor he is today.
Kobe started sparring in June of 2013 and competed in his first sparring tournament three months later on Team United Mountain.  Since then he has competed in many tournaments and has placed in almost every single one. 
Kobe’s greatest accomplishment to date is placing on WKC’s Team Canada two years in a row.  In 2015 he travelled to Orlando Florida to compete in point sparring and in 2016 he ranked 2nd at the National tryouts and is headed to Dublin Ireland to compete again.
Kobe loves to train with his Sensei and Team United almost every day of the week. In 2016 Kobe became a member of Team Revolution. Kobe also loves playing video games, reading and swimming. .


No great thing is created suddenly. - Epictetus


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