Instead of teaching a traditional martial arts system to these young children, our Little Dragon program teaches martial arts motor skills. The traditional martial arts systems are too difficult for younger children to learn and enjoy. The moves they are taught in class are very natural and easy to learn system of developing skills with basic hands, elbows, knees, and kicking techniques that are fun and exciting for children. The kids will go through nine belt levels. The traditional movements are not eliminated, but will be gradually introduced at a much later, easier, and slower rate.

Our little dragon program has three elements, safety skills, life skills, and martial arts. WE teach our kids to be good citizens and to prepare them for life, or at least kindergarten. We teach the importance of minding parents and teachers on the first time, and the importance of honesty. We teach units in safety and life skills. These help the kids become well rounded and make our school unique, by developing the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Our little dragons will:

Learn to share Develop self esteem Develop a sense of independence Take turns Stimulate curiosity Develop speech and language Promote physical strength Promote coordination and stamina Develop a love of learning Build fundamental motor skills Increase awareness of body and space Follow direction Encourage socialization Problem solve Demonstrate responsibility Show self-control Act respectfully

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Saturday 11:00am to 12:00pm


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