Team Revolution is a prestigious martial arts team combining some of the world's best athletes for worldwide competition!




Originally from Elba Alabama Abia Williams Lives in Augusta Georgia August 12 1982 the 34 yr old has train in Yoshukai karate. 3rd degree black belt Chinese and Shaolin Goju Ryu 6th degree black belt Black sash..



Kaelyn Kowalski is 17 years old and a member has been a member of Team Revolution since 2014. Her styles are Shaolin Kung Fu, Tang Soo Do, and has earned her Black Belt in Isshinryu. She also enjoys acting and is a graduating high school senior while also dual enrollment in college courses.



Divisional 18+ women’s sparring winner and overall runner up at 2015 US Open; mixed team sparring NBL Word Title 2016 (part of first ever parent-child team to do so), 10+ top three finishes at Super Grands; divisional 18+ women’s sparring winner...



Alexa Dakota Fleshman age 15, started karate in 2010 but hated sparring till she took her 3rd degree blackbelt test last year (2015) beat up her best friend and loved it..lol. She only been sparring for a little over a year.



Tressa Young began training and competing in the martial arts at the age of four. She has had great success in martial arts.....



Connor Schuh is 10 years old and has been studying and competing in karate for 7 years. He has earned .......



Kobe Agostini is a 13 year old brown belt, born and raised in Hamilton Ontario Canada. In September 2011

Dennie Rico is a second-degree Black Belt from San Antonio Texas. Dennie holds six AOK State Championship titles and four NBL World Titles.

CLARISSA VILLANUEVA- Originally from Palmhurst, TX now resides in San Antonio.



Luis Pedro Chang is a 3rd degree blackbelt in American Kenpo. Luis Started karate when he was 10 years old.He competes in point sparring

Jesus De la Rosa is a third-degree Black Belt from San Antonio, Texas. He began studying the Martial Arts at age seven, earning his



Tyler was just 6 years old when he was asked to be on the team. Since then Tyler has worked very hard on earning his Black belt. Tyler is also a 2x State Champion and is now working on making Team USA this year! Tyler trains anywhere from 4-6 days a week. When Tyler's not training he loves to draw and play video games all while getting good grades and even made the honor roll. Tyler is an anti-bulling advocate and has signed a pledge with the special Olympics to "RESPECT EVERYONE!" Tyler's teachers have recognized his huge heart and gave him a very special job working with special needs kids at his school and he loves it. He's not sure what he wants to be in the future but he knows he wants to do something where he helps people.



Kai started karate at 6 yrs old along with gymnastics. Kai has a State champion title, a national title and 2 world titles. He is now working on getting a naska title 2019. When Kai is not in karate he wrestles and holds a state title in wrestling and is hoping to get a scholarship for that. He also plays full back for football and runs hurdles for track and field. He is getting a head start on becoming a doctor in sports medicine by taking pre med.

Mr. Birchfield started Martial Arts as a teenager in shotakan and kick boxing, competing in local tournaments. When his school closed he didn't continue to pursue his passion of martial arts until much later in life. He is married with 2 children and a supervisor at Flex-n-Gate. Watching his kids in martial arts is what made him want to start again and he began back at a white belt working hard to achieve his goals. Mr Birchfield received his Black belt in December 2018 along side his son which made it a even prouder moment. He is a State Champion and is working towards a world title.

Genevieve Lambert has been proudly representing Team Revolution since the Fall of 2017. She started karate at age 6 and began competing at age 8. She has qualified twice for the WKC World Championships; 2017 in Orlando, Florida, and 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin she earned a Bronze medal for Point Sparring and a Gold medal for Classical Kata. She is currently working toward earning her junior black belt. Her home instructors are Casey and Trevor Nash at United Family Martial Arts in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In her down time she enjoys drawing, reading, listening to K-pop, and watching anime.Gabrielle Lambert has been a proud member of Team Revolution since the Fall of 2017. She started martial arts at age 8 and began competing at age 10. She currently trains with Trevor and Casey Nash at United Family Martial Arts in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Gabrielle qualified in her first WKC World Championships held in Dublin Ireland in November 2018, competing in 3 Weapons and 1 Kata events. Her current focus is on the completion of the testing to earn her first degree Black Belt. Her interests outside of karate include watching anime, listening to K-pop, and hanging out with her friends.

Ms. Clark loves hanging out with her little bundle of joy. She began her martial arts journey at 11 as a part of Chuck Norris's Kickstart Kids program Outside of karate she teaches for Kickstart Kids at Meyerland Middle School.

nterests: Studying, learning languages, learning anatomy, learning biology, physical fitness, training, playing video games How you came to be on the team: My old team didn't go to too many tournaments, as it was a small school team. I knew that I needed a bigger team if I was going to progress in the sport and get more exposure. I approached my coach, Brian Plempel, about what I could do and he suggested Team Revolution and contacted Conell Loveless about me joining. What I do outside of karate: Boy Scouts, play the clarinet, and AFJROTC Raider Team, run 5Ks

I have been doing karate since I was 4 years old. Earned my 2nd degree black belt in karate. I started doing karate tournaments at age 6 completing in the US Open. I do traditional forms, traditional weapons, and point fighting. 2x Florida Blitz State Champion, 4x WKC National Champion, 2x WKC World Champion, and 2x NASKA Top Ten. My other interests are tennis, running and goalie on travel soccer team.

My interests include hanging out with my friends at the park, playing video games, listening to music and spending time with my niece and nephew. When I was in kindergarden at the age of 5, my teacher called my parents and said that I was shy. I wouldn’t speak or interact with any of my classmates. My mom and dad went to see Mr. and Mrs. Nash at United Family Martial Arts in Hamilton, ON. Now I can’t be quiet. At all. I am currently in the midst of my black belt testing. I have one more test to go. It’s four hours. I believe in myself. I have worked hard and have been a dedicated team member since the age of 7. I have enjoyed travelling and representing my team. While I was in Atlanta, Mr. Loveless invited me to join Team Revolution. And here I am


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