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Tressa Young began training and competing in the martial arts at the age of four. She has had great success in martial arts winning several world titles as part of Canada’s national karate team. Tressa is a third degree black belt in karate, a multiple world karate & kickboxing gold medalist and also an instructor of Shotokan karate, Kempo karate, Wushu and Extreme martial arts.

Tressa has enjoyed world travel across North America and Europe and being involved in many events whether as a volunteer, participant or promoter. She has host seminars in Canada and has also provided private martial arts lessons in Europe.

Due to Tressa’s outstanding commitment, her abilities, professional demeanor and enthusiasm she works well with others in the industry and is always ready to take on many challenges presented to her.

Outside of martial arts Tressa in joys acting. Her first experience with acting was when she was cast for a part in a kid’s pop commercial.  From there she went on to do several child commercial roles and a history channel documentary role.  

Wanting to hone her acting skills she enrolled in Acting Dynamics courses while also taking weekly private lessons with a Canadian director.

Her love for acting and action roles continues to grow after securing her role on the YTV television series Splatalot and performing stunts in several film projects.


No great thing is created suddenly. - Epictetus


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