Age : 12

Resides : Sparring Newton, North Carolina

Rank : Black Belt

Style : Black Belt

Events :

Trey began his training in the spring of 2009 under the direction of Cass Sigmon at the age of 4. In August of 2010, Trey parcipated in his !rst tournament and did not place. This “lit the fuse”. His second tournament ‘Dixie Land Nationals’, which happened to be the very next week, he placed 1 st

in the UB sparring division. In the spring of 2012, (at the age of 7 and wearing a blue belt) he began to !ght Black Belt divisions

which meant competitors could be 11 and under and of any rank. Competing only in the NBL/SKIL circuit, he finished the year placing 2nd

in his UB point sparring division and 3rd in the BB point sparring division at Super Grands 2012. It was also in 2012 he started to participate in the North Carolina State Power Aide Games. He brought home the gold that year and again in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Due to a tournament conflict, he was not able to  participate in the 2016 games. It wasn’t until US Open 2013 that Trey would compete again in a NASKA tournament. He walked away

with 1st in UB point sparring and 3rd in UB continuous sparring. At US Open 2014 not only did he win the UB point sparring division, he also added a 1st

place win in UB continuous sparring. US Open 2015, he again fought UB point sparring and UB continuous point sparring, but added UB Clash sparring and made a clean sweep placing 1st in all three divisions. US Open 2016 he landed 1st in BB clash sparring. Trey has since continued to participate in tournaments across the circuits. He ended his NBL career on stage at Super Grands 2016 taking 2nd place in both the BB point sparring (lost by 1 point) and the BB continuous sparring (lost by 3 points) divisions. In addition to karate, Trey is an active wrestler who placed 5th (with 6 pins) in the 2016 NC State Wrestling tournament and has also participated and placed in grappling tournaments. Most Notable

mentions include: placing 2nd in the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) 2014 North Carolina Grappling Championship and taking 1st in the 2015 Knoxville Grappling Association Championship. August 2015, Trey was awarded his Black Belt by Cass Sigmon and in May 2016 asked to join Team

Revolution. To !ll in any remaining down time between tournaments he also enjoys playing Optimist Club baseball, football and basketball – all the while maintaining A honor-role status. Finally, but most importantly he is a smart, caring, well-mannered individual who is – ALL HEART.


No great thing is created suddenly. - Epictetus


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